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Beautifully Designed Scheduling Books

to help you stay organized for life with your baby!

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Gifts From Billy started as a catchphrase my friends would say while opening a gift from me. “Gifts from Billy are always useful and beautiful!” I try and keep that in mind with everything I design and sell. If it’s not useful or beautiful why bother? And if it is both, even better! With a baby on the way I started designing things to get organized and set up the nursery. Designing baby items got me thinking; if I wanted items that were a bit more special and trendy,  (no more yellow ducks on a beige background!) – I’m sure other parents would too!

I hope you’ll find something in the shop you like. Beauty is all around us.
Why not make organizational items just as beautiful as everything else we curate in our lives?


What’s the difference between “Newborn” Booklets and Daily Baby Charts? Newborn booklets already have the time written out for you on each day/page. This allows you to easily see at a glance how often your baby is eating, soiling diapers, and hopefully sleeping. This also helps to quickly see emerging patterns and a great way to etablish an on going schedule. Daily Baby Chart has blank space to write in time and allows you to be free flowing with keeping track of your baby’s schedule.

Baby Schedule booklets are not meant to replace the advice and feeding information from your baby’s doctor. Always speak to your baby’s doctor about any changes you plan on making to their feeding or sleeping schedule. Baby clothing listed on this site is not meant to be sleepwear. Do not put your infant in clothing that is too large or too tight as it could restrict breathing.


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